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Welcome to the Doctors Opposing Circumcision website. D.O.C. is an organization of physicians, and others who are opposed to non-therapeutic neonatal circumcision. D.O.C. has members in 50 States, 12 Canadian Provinces and Territories, and in nations on six continents. These doctors recognize that no one has the right to forcibly remove sexual body parts from another individual. They also believe that doctors should have no role in this painful, unnecessary procedure inflicted on the newborn. D.O.C. carries out its work in accordance with its mission statement. Also see more about DOC.

Thirteenth International Symposium
Genital Autonomy and Human Rights
University of Colorado - Boulder
Boulder, Colorada, USA
July 24-26, 2014

The official website provides full information on registration,
the program, on-campus accommodations, meals, and more.

Commentary on AAP 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement

Doctors Opposing Circumcision has reviewed the American Academy of Pediatrics 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement and commented on it.

Public Notice

Doctors Opposing Circumcision has issued a public notice regarding the forthcoming American Academy of Pediatrics Circumcision Policy Statement. The public notice is a PDF file.
The URL is:

One may help to inform the public by posting this link in discussion groups, weblogs, etc. where people will see it.

    Genital Integrity Policy Statement

DOC Genital Integrity Policy is found in this twelve chapter statement.

Genital Integrity Policy Statement

The text of the statement is available in both HTML and PDF.

If you have an intact, foreskinned son and are looking for an intact-friendly physician, we recommend the listing of intact-friendly physicians at the Whole Network.

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Medical School Curriculum

Whose Body, Whose Rights?

" Whose Body, Whose Rights?", the award-winning children's rights documentary, is now available for online viewing. This is the only circumcision-related video that explores important issues not addressed in other programs and it's now the only video that can be purchased both as a videotape AND viewed online.

The program is available to both high-speed DSL and 56K Dial-Up users. The viewing format is QuickTime, although a Windows Media Player version will be available soon.

To learn more, visit: